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All Things New
Published: 9/24/2010 3:43:17 PM


Well, we did it. We packed up everything we own and moved 1,837 miles from St. Louis to Los Angeles!

Chris and his dad drove the swagger wagon the whole way. I, on the other hand, could not stomach the idea of days on end in the car with kiddos (sorry mom and dad, I know that’s how you did it when we were kids) so the girls and I flew with Grandma and Uncle Tim, who helped us make the transition. Thank God for helpful family!

We made our way to our new apartment in a new city and a new state so Chris could begin a new job in a new career and to meet new friends in a new church home! That’s a lot of new!

I’ve never been a fan of new things. I am a very good Lutheran – I don’t like change. While it is a big, and admittedly scary, transition, I am doing my best to trust that God’s hand is upon us. I know He is ever guiding us in all things new.

On a much grander scale, all of these new things remind me that God’s purpose for our lives is that we, ourselves, would be new – new creations in Christ. And, not just us, but everything is striving toward a new heaven and a new earth. In Christ, God IS making ALL THINGS NEW! AMEN!

On a lighter note, I thought I might add some tips we’ve learned along the way. Enjoy and visit the blog (link below) if you would like to add to the list!

Tips for flying with young children:

  • Bring ½ the toys and twice the number of binkies you think you’ll need!

  • Nursing/bottle feeding on takeoff and landing help little ears to regulate. Raisins or fruit snacks, etc. do the same for big kids.

  • Never underestimate the calming power of snacks.

  • When ordering your complementary beverage, ask for lids and straws on the cups!

  • One year olds are quite amused by a simple plastic cup and flight attendants are happy to oblige.

  • Accept the help of those who offer and don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Say a travel prayer on the plane, you never know who might pray along with you!

Tips for settling into a big city (or any city) with young children:

  • Find a church home asap! You’ll need the grounding and grace and the kids need to make friends!

  • Make friends with the grocers and a trip to the market becomes a play date!

  • Scour the city for a park to call home!

  • Encourage your kids to learn landmarks around the city that, when seen, indicate they are getting close to home. The search for these landmarks keep little minds occupied while stuck in traffic!

  • Save one big box that you unpack! Cut off the flaps and flip it upside down. Cut a door and some windows. Have the kids color it and you have the best playhouse EVER!

  • Let the kids help decide where things will go in their room (toys, furniture, pictures, etc) so they can feel like it is really their home (even if their ideas go against your better decorating judgment).

  • It takes time to unpack all their toys, etc. It also takes time for them to make friends. So, take this opportunity to play with your kids even more! With increased family fun, they won’t notice (as much) that anything is missing from their daily lives.

    • For those at a loss, try building forts, play "ring around the rosie”, bake cookies, dance to music mimicking their moves, practice somersaults, draw a "treasure” map of your new house, host a tea party for new friends you meet, trace your hands and feet, make a growth chart, draw pictures of things you see on your street/in your neighborhood.

Some of these ideas may seem obvious but I thought it might help people like me who – even though I have a degree in youth ministry – had to Google "children’s songs” to remember what to sing with babies! Sometimes a reminder is a good thing. Add to the list (please!) by going to the blog and leaving a comment!

By Faith Spelbring

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