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Published: 9/7/2010 2:22:11 PM


This website is not a one person venture. It has been paid for by the LCMS Youth Ministry Office, it was designed by a Christian young adult (Phil Grimpo of Inspirmedia Ministries), and its content is submitted by a number of young adult authors from across the country. Our authors range from college aged to young professional to experienced church worker. We have authors that live in California, Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Kansas. Some of our authors are men, some are women, some are church workers, some are lay people. The one thing we all have in common is that we are young adults who are passionate about sharing our faith in Christ with other young adults. You can find out more about our authors by reading what they have written. (Which I encourage you to do! Click on their columns and take a look!) As we roll out our new Fall columns, we would like to thank them for their contributions and praise God for their drive to share what God is doing in their lives. They are fulfilling the goal of this website - to enable young adults to live out their faith in a global context, becoming an integral part of the church community and enabling congregations to build a culture where young adults are able to fully participate in the life of the church.

The LCMS Young Adult Ministry Advisory Committee is made up of young adults who have experience working with young adults. We meet to discuss young adult ministry and what we can do to help young adults live out their faith. The discussions usually leave me wishing that I could share what we talked about with others. There seems to be so much insight from the others in the group that would be helpful to a wider audience. Instead of trying to capture the discussion on paper, we decided to make an audio recording of the conversation and offer it to you as a podcast.

At our last meeting we discussed the topic "What can the typical church member do to reach young adults?” The members at this meeting where: Rev Ryan Peterson, Rev Jason Rust, Anne Meyer, Rev Matt Hoehner and myself (Jessica Bordeleau). If you would like to hear a podcast of the discussion click on the podcast icon next to the twitter and facebook boxes...(the icon looks like a radio tower with transmitting beams). This is a new addition to the site and we may have to weed out any bugs. If something doesn't go right with the download try again later or let me know!

If you have ideas of topics that would be helpful to you please let us know! You can contact us by clicking on "Contact Us” on the homepage.

LCMS Young Adult Ministry is not a one person venture. There are many young adults and seasoned adults who care about people in my generation and want to show them that God loves them and that there is a place for them in the church. If you are one of these people – thank you. Your continued concern for young adults will make a difference. Keep it up! I pray that this site will encourage you and that the new blogs and podcasts will be a blessing to you as reach out with the love of Christ.

If you are a young adult who is searching and struggling with your faith, please let us know how we can serve you! Take a look at the blogs and podcasts, I pray they will be an encouragement to you in your faith walk!