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Encourage me?
Published: 10/19/2013 1:53:49 PM


I have sat here and stared a blank page for approximately 15 minutes.

To be quite honest with you, dear readers, the last few months at work have been a constant struggle. I suspect I am not alone - even amongst my fellow Christians in the cubicles - struggling at work. It has not been the workload that has been the struggle. It has been work in general.

Getting up in the morning to go into the office has been difficult. The last thing I feel like doing is ironing, making a lunch, getting on a bus, and making the long commute into the office. Then when I am actually in the office, the minutes are not counting by fast enough to satisfy me. The only part of my day where I want to think about work is when I'm at work, and even then I'm thinking about the end of the day.

Which is what makes writing a blog about work so difficult.

Frankly, the last place I want is think about work is at home. It's a blessing to have a job that does not require 24-hour-a-day attention. In fact, I'm able to leave work at work and forget about work until the next day begins.

But this blog....

So recently I have ignored my blog. I just can't think about it. It, too, is a struggle as it forces me to think about work, putting the virtual pen to the virtual paper. I would rather ignore the blog in the same vane as I am able to ignore work when I'm out of the office. The last thing I want to rehash is my day, or something from the past, even if it is for a blog.

Which is why I need my fellow Christians.

We all need to be built up in our daily lives, and in Christ we can do this for each other. We can constantly look out for each other not just as we struggle, but as we rejoice. As brothers and sisters, we can help each other. This, I am asking from you.

I know I am not alone in having a difficult time in my work life, but I feel like I am bearing my soul for all to read. And I'm hopeful this presents an opportunity for others to share their struggles so we can build each other up. If we share our ideas maybe we can share the load.

Post below. What would you say to a friend who feels like I do?

What are some practical ways we can encourage each other at work?