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Forever & Ever Connected
Published: 11/2/2010 11:02:46 AM


These days, you’re nobody if you don’t have a smartphone, right?

If that’s the truth, then I finally became somebody last week. Yep, I’m connected. I finally caved and splurged on a smartphone.

And I love it.

Now I’m connected to my friends and family, not only by texting and calling, but also by Facebooking, tweeting, emailing, video and photo sharing. I’m also connected to my work notifications, to-do list and constant stream of emails. It’s both a blessing and a curse. As long as I train myself to just shut it off when needed, it’s very convenient.

I’m also in love with the fancy apps. Scan barcodes to see if lower prices exist elsewhere? Stream music and video while I work out? Check which movies are playing in local theatres this weekend? My new phone does all of the above. New apps make me smile.

Having such an amazing tool is central to both my personal and professional lives. I am a creature who craves connection. I check Facebook in the grocery store checkout. I tweet while cooking dinner. I blog at 2 a.m.

Having the world at my fingertips is beginning to feel essential to my survival. I’m afraid the luxury of it will soon wear off, and I’ll expect constant connection. I’ll take it for granted.

Just like I do with prayer sometimes.

It’s truly a luxury and a blessing that we can talk to God anytime, day or night. Prayer can be as long as a blog post or as short as a tweet. We can just open up and be genuine.

That connection is available right at our fingertips, too. The signal is never faulty. Although we may be tempted to ask, "Can you hear me now?” we can have confidence in knowing that he always hears us. There are more apps than we could ever imagine. Apps that sometimes make miracles happen, like when our pleas are answered and cancer leaves a loved one, doors open for the unemployed, walls crumble around our hearts.

These apps aren’t free. They came with a hefty price, a plan that Jesus already prepaid in full on the cross.

In a world where we feel completely disconnected without our smartphones, always remember the other, deeper connection that’s constantly at our fingertips.

We’re connected to so much more than this world. And in His eyes, nobody’s a nobody.

Angie Laxdal

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