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Love your body. Love your life. Love your God.
Published: 1/14/2011 10:46:38 AM


I spend 8-9 hours of every weekday in my cubicle. There, I do all sorts of things: I check email. I write. I listen to voicemail and make phone calls. I text. I instant message my colleagues. I sip coffee. Yes, I occasionally check Facebook. I eat lunch. I write some more. I listen to music. I manage my calendar. I tweet. I think (or, try). I snack. I read blogs. I make to-do lists, and I (sometimes) cross tasks off my to-do list.

Like I said, I do a little bit of all sorts of things.

But there is one activity (if you can call it that?) that I do constantly: I sit.

And then I sit in my car and drive home.

And once I’m home I do more things, but my favorites include: cooking yummy food (and eating it); reading blogs, books and devotions; writing emails, blog posts, checks and to-do lists; watching TV and movies; and chatting with my husband, parents, sisters and friends.

Most of my daily routine, both at work and at home, revolves around one thing: sitting.

Movement is something I don’t get enough of. Most of us don’t. And it shows – many of us (including myself) are toting around extra pounds, unnecessarily straining our muscles, joints and essential-to-life organs, and in turn, decreasing our energy, potential life span and self-esteem for the journey.

It’s that time of year. The holidays are over. Gyms are packed. We’re popping fruits and veggies like they’re candy. Soda and chocolate are banned. Alarm clocks start ringing at 5:30 a.m. while we reattempt to create healthy habits.

But it all seems so self-centered. For most, it’s about appearance and hotness and… that’s about it, right?

But it doesn’t have to be. Getting healthy has everything to do with getting closer to God. And here’s why:

  1. God created us in His image. He formed our bodies with His very hands. Who are we to destroy this gift He’s given us? Aside from non-preventable health problems (i.e. thyroid issues, metabolic issues, physical disabilities and the list goes on), unhealthy weight gain is most commonly caused by sin. We neglect to take care of our bodies. We gorge on junk and, worse, we stuff our emotions into our mouths (ice cream does an especially good job of this) instead of seeking His help.

  1. Self-control is lost. Is constant overindulgence in calories really any different than binging on sex, drugs or alcohol? Either way, we’re neglecting the ninth Fruit of the Spirit: self-control. Of course, the Bible also says there is a time to eat, drink and be merry, but stuffing our faces to clear our minds isn’t my idea of "being merry.” Self-control should be present in every area of our lives. Even on our dinner plates.

  1. Being overweight will eventually make us sick. And, ultimately, sickness leads to death. God doesn’t want to see His children suffer. We should be thriving in this life, not barely surviving. We should let Him use our weakness as a vehicle for His grace. Our fitness and nutrition is one of the very few items we have control of in this life. Notice I didn’t say "health” – that’s in His control. Ask for His guiding love to shape your choices, so you can make the best possible decisions to honor the one and only body and life He gave you. You’ll get a glorified body and eternal life someday, but not yet. Until then, make the best of the one you’re currently living in.

During this new year, may your motivations be genuine and focused on Him rather than on personal gain. May you pray for strength to overcome temptations, practice the fruit of self-control and continually surrender your life to Him, worrying about nothing.

Fuel yourself properly with the bread He has blessed you with. Escape from the "cubicle” of work and home, enhance energy and build strength by moving the body He has blessed you with. And, finally, give thanks for your blessings, cast your cares upon the Lord and relax in His gentle, loving arms.

Angie Laxdal

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