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Do the work
Published: 6/3/2011 2:37:13 PM


This is going to sound absurd, so please, just hear me out.

Sometimes God wants us to be part of answering our own prayers.

Yes, you read that right. Now let me explain.

Imagine this: A twenty-something feels stuck in a dead-end job. Her career path is at a plateau, her degree is going to waste and the work she does is mind-numbingly easy. She’s bored and uninspired and flirting with depression.

She prays. She asks God to help her, to save her from her misery. To magically have a new, exciting job offer land on her desk, amidst the other droning paperwork.

She requests a miracle. But, then she does nothing. She waits, sits, frowns, waits some more and continues gloomily pushing papers across her desk. All the while, she’s blind to the wealth of resources swirling around her. The opportunities. The limited time she has. The talents she’s allowing to fritter away.

These gifts come only from the One above. These gifts were chosen for her, to fulfill a purpose, a calling, that is uniquely her own. We all have our own set of gifts, and so often we forget to use them for His intended purpose.

Sometimes we ask God to do the work to fix our job situation, while He has perfectly equipped us to do it ourselves. We sit helplessly, while there’s work we can and should do – therein lies the problem.

And this often spills into life beyond the lackluster cubicle. Our prayers to lose weight, to save money, to be happy and to find love, just to name a few. Too many times we ask God to make life easy, to do the work that was intended for us, while we ignore the resources surrounding us. We focus on what we can’tdo rather than what we can do. Sometimes these resources are hidden and need to be found; other times they’re staring us in the face and, still, laziness prevails.

Because of Christ’s generosity, we’re forgiven for our laziness. Our heavenly Father has given each of us talents, opportunities and a calling that is uniquely our own. We have been given everything we need. Rather than begging Him to do the work of fixing our job situation, we can ask Him for knowledge to solve problems, focus to prevent idleness, motivation to overcome laziness and wisdom to endure challenges.

We have been equipped to go and do. We have gifts. Use them. Opportunities exist. Find them. We have a calling. Fulfill it.

God has given us the resources to solve many of life's challenges, but He has already done all the work to solve life's greatest challenge. Our sins have been paid for and our separation from God has been bridged by the cross. In life we have the opportunity to do God's work, but when it comes to salvation God has done all the work for us through His son Jesus Christ.

Talk to your Father, asking for help during trials and giving thanks during triumphs. Pray for the freedom to be unstuck in work and in life. Remember having a job is a blessing. You are blessed to be able to roll up your sleeves and joyfully do God’s work.

"And work with a smile on your face, always keeping in mind that no matter who happens to be giving the orders, you’re really serving God.” (Ephesians 6: 7, The Message)

Angie Laxdal

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