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What Do We Do Now?
Published: 9/7/2010 10:28:43 AM


What Do We Do Now?

Last Friday evening my husband and I sat down in our living room, looked at each other, and asked, "What do we do now?" He had just completed the first week of his internship and I had just completed my first week of freelance editing. We'd been in Wichita almost two weeks, and while we'd met several people, we hadn't gotten to know anyone well enough to feel comfortable calling them up and inviting ourselves to their house for a game night.

It's good that we had each other, because it was kind of a lonely feeling. There we were, in a new town that we really didn't know all that well, and we knew almost no one. In St. Louis, where we moved from, we had no shortage of friends to call and plan an impromptu get-together with. It was a strange feeling, to want to spend some time with friends, but to have no one to call.

I imagine it's a feeling familiar to us all. Whether we've moved to a new town, or have been in the same town since birth, we all experience things that are new…a new job or a new school are probably the most common new things for us young adults. For my part, new things bring out my insecurities. Will anyone want to have lunch with me? Will they laugh at my jokes? Will they like my stories? Will they realize that I'm shy and that's why I don't say much? Will they want to be my friend?

This isn't the first time I've moved to a new town, and with my husband studying to be a pastor, it's certainly not going to be the last. I wish I could say it gets easier. It doesn't, not really. I face the same fears and insecurities with each new person I meet.

But, I have found this…all you need is one connection, and for me, the best place to find that connection has been at church. It was true when we moved to St. Louis two years ago, and it's held true again here in Wichita. Connections can be made anywhere…with a neighbor, at a gym, at work…but my most meaningful connections have been with those who share my faith in Jesus. There' s a sweetness to those friendships, to knowing that if nothing else, we have that one thing in common.

It's Friday again, our third in this new town that is to be our home for a year. And tonight we have plans. In fact, we've had plans almost every night this week, and we have plans for Saturday and Sunday night. It's funny how quickly these things come up, how quickly we can become part of a new community. I have no doubt that I'm going to face my fears and insecurities a hundred times over in this next year, but I also have no doubt that God will guide me through them and lead me to deeper connections and friendships. He's a good God, and He works amazing things even through our weaknesses and fears.

Have you moved recently? How did you, or how are you, connecting with your new community? If you haven't moved in a while, maybe you know someone who has. How can you reach out to them to make them feel comfortable in their new place?

By Sherrah Behrens

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