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Holidays Away from Home
Published: 12/2/2010 2:20:35 PM


Yesterday was a big cooking day for me. I started the day by throwing things into the crockpot for a vegetable beef soup. We had a bunch of tomatoes and peppers someone gave us from their garden so I made salsa. Then I made a loaf of bread to go with our soup. I wrapped it all up by making an apple pie. By the end of the day our apartment was filled with some amazing smells! And all day as I alternated between cooking and working (I work from home), I was thinking about Thanksgiving and the cooking that will go on in preparation for that day.

By the time you read this, Thanksgiving will have come and gone, but as I write, it's still coming up, and it's taking up a lot of my thoughts. For the first time in my adult life, I am not going anywhere for Thanksgiving. Because of my husband's work schedule, we're not able to leave town. By the time you read this, Christmas will be taking up a lot of my thoughts because we're not able to leave town then, either, and that too will be a first.

I'm kind of bummed about not being a part of my family's holiday traditions this year, but I'm getting excited about starting new traditions. Or at least, doing something different. I doubt that what we'll do this year will become a tradition. But sometimes, doing something different can be refreshing and exciting.

This year, my parents are coming to us. I get to cook our Thanksgiving dinner. I've wanted to do something like this for years, either for family or for friends who can't leave town. I love to cook, and while cooking a turkey makes me nervous (there's so much that can go wrong!), I'm really excited about the pies. (There will only be four of us at our table, but I think we might each get our own pie.)

I don't know yet what we'll do for Christmas. We won't have family coming until after Christmas, so we'll have to find something else to do Christmas day. I imagine we'll either accept an invitation or find other "stranded" people and invite them to our house. It will be a great opportunity to establish deeper connections with new friends.

Are you stranded in your new town for the holidays this year? Do you know someone who can't go home? Use this chance to deepen your friendships. Don't stay home alone, and don't let someone else stay home alone. Share food, fellowship, and--most importantly--the celebration of our Savior's birth with a new friend.

Sherrah Behrens

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